Sample Designs

Here are some design projects from satisfied clients

Click on a link below to see the live running site:

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast / Museum Bed & Breakfast / Museum. This site receives 600,00 to 1 million hits a month. Setup dedicated server, domain hosting, email, registra, site design, concept and build (This project is still in the works. AvCompInc is the webmaster and this site is monitored daily) Site Powered by Joomla and Community Builder.

Central Mass Striders CMS is a non-profit organization based in Worcester, MA dedicated primarily to the sport of long-distance running, including recreational/ fitness jogging, road racing, cross-country, trail running and multisport activities. The club is the region’s largest running organization dedicated to promoting/supporting runners of all abilities in the greater central New England. Hosting, email, template design and creation was all done by AvCompInc. This site is always a work in progress and maintained by both AvCopInc and the Board of Directors of the club. It was done in Wordpress.

Custom House Coffee Micro roaster and cafes. Moved domain registra, setup domain hosting and email. Redesigned entire site. (This project is still in final design phase and is currently being finished) Site Powered by Joomla and Maintained by AvCompInc

2 Swords Brazilian Jiujitsu Set up domain, registra and hosting. Designed site from client concept. (This project is finished but maintained, updated and revised by client) Site Powered by Wordpress

Newport Hospitality Founded in 1988, Newport Hospitality was one of the first Destination Management Companies in Rhode Island. Newport Hospitality is the best known destination expert with their extensive local knowledge and trusted relationships. So there project was extremely crucial in logistically recreating from the ground up and even improving the look and feel of this impressive site. It was built on the Joomla platform. Email was another extremely important factor for this company and the service they were using was hard to deal with and had to pay for every email account they needed. With all that said we moved their site, email (which is now unlimited in data that can be saved and accounts that can be made) and registra to a new hosting company, while the entire time, minimizing the company's essential email and site down time and lowering cost of hosting for all. Site managed and maintained by Newport Hospitality staff and when needed AvCompInc assists.

Westerly Housing Authority This is the official site of the Westerly Housing Authority in Westerly, Rhode Island. Their entire web presence was to say the least, a complete disarray of numerous registras and domain hosting accounts. Moved and consolidated their domains & registras. Setup domain hosting and email. Redesigned entire site and AvCompInc is under contract for SEO, maintenance and upkeep of site and design. This is a Joomla site.

 massageGiven This site is for a massage therapist in New Hampshire. She needed a digital business card. Setup domain name, host account, registra and email. Designed the site from 2 graphics client sent to me. Her picture and the main celtic knot. Showed client how to make changes to site and she calls me to do the major stuff.

Salon Amicizia Jeannette Cabral and Cathy Berg co-owners of Salon Amicizia opened their salon in 2004.After years of working in the industry for other salon owners, they decided to start their own venture together.The name Amicizia , meaning friendship in Italian, was chosen because the owners themselves are lifelong friends. Hosting, email, template design and creation was all done by AvCompInc.The site was built in Joomla and is maintained by AvCompInc. The template design was inspired by the salon interior.

Marvel & Associates Forensic accountants. Setup domain hosting, email and registra. Designed site to clients exactly drawn plans. (This project is finished and maintained by the owner and AvCompInc) Site Powered by Wordpress

Veteran Coffee Roasters $1 for Every Pound is Donated to Our Wounded & Disabled Veterans. Setup domain registra, domain hosting account, email accounts, designed entire site and templating, setup and configured e-commerce in conjunction with Paypal configuration. This is a subsidiary company of Custom House Coffee.  Site Powered by Joomla and maintained by AvCompInc

Pet Doc Toni She is a mobile Veterinarian witch travels newport & Bristol counties. This is Wordpress site completely designed by Jerry Pacheco. Hosting, email and registra setup with Bluehost. Site managed and maintained by AvCompInc.

Naturally Chiropractic Yoga studio, massage therapist and chiropractic. Setup domain hosting, email and registra. Designed from scratch with color choices from client. (This project is finished but maintained by Dr. Daniel Hanlon, DC) Site Powered by Wordpress

Marty Easley - Real Estate Agent. Setup domain, hosting, email and registra. Designed site from clients specific concept and colors (This is a finished project) Site Powered by Wordpress (Client No Longer is paying for the domain name so the site is down)

Classis Display Designed, templated and initial setup and configuration of hosting, email and registra. (This project is finished and maintained by the client with assistance by AvCompInc when needed) Site Powered by Clickcart Pro

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